Pretty simple.  I live in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  I have a basement with P.A., mixers, mics & stands.  Been recreating the sound of my old band with new members.  Rehearsing is underway with our debut concert tentatively booked April 2016.  The idea is to
push  the previously unreleased material (both CD and Vinyl) while creating a "brand new sound" together.  Plans are already under way to record a new CD set for release in early 2017, performing as often as our schedules allow.


ME: Lead vocals, electric guitar, electric custom 4-stringed whole-tone scaled mandolin (The Mosquito), and chief songwriter 
YOU: Are any one of the following;

2 Female Vocalists  positions filled 
Keyboardist  #1  position filled 
Trombonist  or Tenor Saxophonist (able to memorize melodies within numbers, and blow madly)
Bassist position filled 

If you're looking for something different, give us a shout