"... Science fiction psycho ward confessions of a religious vision with a band that crashes the wall at 180 MPH ...
AGENDA June 1996

           T h e  M o s q u i t o
4-stringed electric mandolin with fret board based on the six-note whole-tone scale, designed by Zillion, built by Brian Delaney (bd Guitars), pick guard paint job by Ed Special.

Poly-Rhythms  *  Whole-Tone Scales  *  Military-Tribal Drum Cadences  *  Ultra-Romance  *  Free-Improvisation


 Below are select songs recorded by the original band back in the mid-1990's, now available on CD;


 Their opening number.


Sea Anemone.mp3

 Sirens, and their romantic effect on mankind...


I Feel Fine.mp3

A pop tune inspired by Kurt Kobain, before doing himself in.


Under the Sunny Side Up.mp3

A Piracy on the Seven Seas 

How The Middle East Was Won.mp3

Zillion submitted this instrumental to a local grass roots "boxing organization" to use as their theme song.   No dice. 

Itty Bitty Pieces.mp3

The Novelty Shop's take on The Dave Clark Five's smash hit.

Queen of Queens.mp3

The result of extreme romantic obsession where a woman takes on a significance higher than Jesus Christ.


Funny Bone.mp3

Featuring the "stinging sounds" of The Mosquito 

In Us God Trusts.mp3

This little Beethoven-esque gem came to Zillion in a dream, in the debate over such said coined phrases.

The Missing Link.mp3

Going against the educated categorical grain that the proof actually has to be in the pudding.

Thee Three Elven Kings.mp3

Medieval memories of bygone eons.

Jacks' House.mp3

Easily the most maddening tune in their whole repertoire.  Zillion won't blame you if you can't finish ...